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A robot for uncoupling railway wagons will appear in Moscow

A robot for uncoupling railway wagons will appear in Moscow

The developer and manufacturer of industrial robotic manipulators Aripix Robotics will develop an automated system for uncoupling railway cars for Russian Railways. This was announced by the head of the Department of investment and industrial policy of the city of Moscow, Alexander Prokhorov.

The innovative development project became one of the winners of the Russian Railways acceleration program in the Logistics direction, having received a grant in the amount of 500 thousand rubles and a contract with Russian Railways for implementation.

“A significant share in the industrial sector of Moscow today is occupied by compact, high-tech companies that are ready to offer products that have no analogues on the market. can choose the best product for itself. Aripix Robotics solutions are also presented in the Bank,” the head of the department noted.

For Russian Railways, the company will create a unique gripper with which the Aripix A1 robot-manipulator will be able to uncouple the cars. The robotic complex will be equipped with machine vision: a camera and an on-board computer with software. The robot will fully automate the process of uncoupling, eliminating this heavy and traumatic work of a person.

“We are trying to find startups that could offer the best innovative solutions and eliminate weak links from the technological chains of Russian Railways. Aripix Robotics proposed a rather interesting solution for the development and production of robotic systems for uncoupling cars, which will automate the process previously performed using manual labor,” explained Roman Koshelev, Head of the Corporate Accelerator of Russian Railways.

The project is planned to be implemented within two years. At the first stage, Aripix Robotics will carry out the necessary research work: it will survey the sites, develop technical requirements, develop the architecture and design of the robotic complex. During the second year, the company will carry out development work, create prototypes of robots, test and configure them. Also, its specialists will develop regulations for the operation and maintenance of new equipment, having trained the personnel of Russian Railways to work with it. It is assumed that the automation of wagon uncoupling will pay off in 4.5 years.

“We are very proud that Russian Railways appreciated our project and trusted to automate the uncoupling of cars. This is a great responsibility for us. I am sure that we will cope with this task thanks to our experience in developing non-standard robotic solutions based on the Aripix A1 robotic arm for automation of heavy routine operations at the enterprises of our clients”, – said the founder and CEO of Aripix Robotics Andrey Spiridonov.

The project was approved by the experts of the Center “Corporate Accelerator of Startup Projects of Russian Railways”, created to search for promising technical solutions and adapt them to the needs of the company’s divisions.

This example clearly shows how automation of production and transport can make life and work much easier.
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