MarsCat Bowl




The MarsCat Bowl is the bowl for MarsCat (the world’s first bionic pet cat developed by Elephant Robotics). With a minimalist design style, please enjoy feeding your cat with this cat bowl

When you receive the goods, the cat bowl assemblies you receive after unpacking are shown below

Please follow these steps to assemble the cat bowl

1. Select a QR code sticker
2. Attach the QR code sticker to the position as shown in the picture

3. Insert the insert plate with the QR code into the base of the cat bowl
4. The finished cat bowl is shown in the picture

To ensure MarsCat can accurately identify MarsBowl, do not place any other objects around MarsBowl that may interfere with MarsCat’s activity.
Please choose a bright room without direct sunlight to place MarsBowl.
Do not exert excessive force on MarsBowl, for example, press or step on MarsBowl.




Elephant Robotics