Inspection drone UVL Robotics for monitoring & inspection areas

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UVL Robotics – innovative approach to monitoring and inspections areas!

UVL Robotics – a global provider of cutting-edge drone-based solutions with AI for monitoring & inspecting special areas.

We – the first company in the world which offers the full cycle service of monitoring of special zones using an industrial UAV platform with various measuring equipment.

We have launched an innovative solution for patrolling and monitoring special territories using unmanned multi-rotor drones, that’s 50x times faster than traditional methods, reduces operating costs by 10x times, and provides 100% accuracy.

Monitoring of special territories using drones UVL Robotics – fast, precise, and safe alternative to traditional methods patrolling.


Key features drones UVL Robotics

  • Li-ion battery


  • Error-proofing system


  • Work in both narrow and wide aisle


  • Anti-collision system


  • Unlimited number of drones on the worksite


  • High image resolution for accurate analysis


  • Autonomous flights


  • Extremely long flight time


  • Work in all weather conditions


Specifications drones UVL Robotics

Flight duration – 1 hour

Max distance – 50 km

Payload – 5 kg

Temperature range – – 40*C – +40*C

Speed – 50 km/h



Drones UVL Robotics is not for sale, it can only be rented, leave a request to contact us about the price of renting a robot.


UVL Robotics