Drone VTOL G25 UAV for monitoring & inspection areas




VTOL G25 UAV system, it features with VTOL, high payload capability up to 10kg, and long endurance up to max 4 hours

VTOL G25 is widely used for comparison, survey, monitoring, surveillance, closed area inspection, forest fire prevention and extinguishing, meteorology


Specifications VTOL G25 UAV

Maximum Take-off Weight: 33 kg
Cruising Speed: 70km/h
Maximum Speed: 110km/h
Ceiling: 4000 m
Endurance: 4h
Maximum Mission Payload: 10kg
Control Distance: 30km
Max. climb speed: 4m/s
Max. Descend speed: 5m/s
Operating temperature: 10~60℃
Data Transmission Bandwidth: 4M
Transmission Image Resolution: 1080p High Definition
Take-off &landing: Independent Vertical Take-off &landing
Wind Resistance: ≥10m/s
Rain Resistance: Sprinkle
Location and Navigation: Differential GPS



Also, there are similar models of drones, with reduced or increased carrying capacity, flight speed, etc.
All models and their characteristics are depicted in the last picture in the gallery.