iBoto solid Dexter



All-seeing, highly passable, powerful, and intelligent. Equally good on any type of coating.


Key features iBoto solid Dexter

  • I perfectly navigate in space, build a detailed map of the room in real-time and save it in the device’s memory thanks to the camera built into me and the innovative vSLAM navigation system.


  • I am equipped with a turbo brush and a powerful Japanese NIDEC brushless motor. This super combo makes me a virtuoso at cleaning not only hard floors but also medium pile carpets.


  • I also have voluminous containers, and the wet cleaning tank is equipped with a pump for intelligently adjusting the water supply. I am not afraid of sills, dryer legs, wires, and many other barriers, because I am a light, compact, and highly passable robot that can overcome any obstacles up to 2 cm high.


  • On the rendered map of the premises in the branded mobile application, you can set restricted zones that I’d better not go into. And vice versa – mark only the space in which cleaning is required.


  • You can control me using the included remote control or a proprietary application on your smartphone. I also perfectly understand the commands of voice assistants, for example, Siri, and easily integrate into the Smart Home ecosystem from Tuya Smart.