ClicBot Full Kit



ClicBot – an innovative robot for teaching children to program

ClicBot is an intelligent, programmable robot designed for all ages. The perfect companion for inquisitive and creative minds. The modular design of the ClicBot allows you to create a unique robot by simply connecting or disconnecting its parts!


Key features of the ClicBot

  • Endless possibilities! You can assemble and program almost anything, from a phone stand to a robotic car!

Phone standRobotic car


  • Kit includes two pre-assembled and customized robots, Bic & Bac.

Bic & Bac Bic & Bac


  • Own app and constant firmware updates.


  • More than 50 unique pre-configured settings with special designs, programs, and functions right out of the box. With these settings, users will be able to experiment and get hands-on experience with the basics of programming.


  • ClicBot supports several types of programming:
    1) “Programming movements”.
    2) Drag-and-drop also known as “visual programming”.
    3) Programming in Python.
    Learn to program fun and easy with ClicBot!


Package contents:

Brain x1

Joint x8

Wheel x4

Locker x6

Skeleton x5

Smart foot x4

Suction cup x2

Mount stickers x10

Grasper x1

Charging cable x1

Mount x1

Holder x1

Distance sensor x2



Age classification – 8+