APIS COR 3D printer is a turn key solution to build wall structures of whole houses directly on site and without extra assembly.


    Operating elements are IP 65 IP 67 rated to protect equipment from environmental impacts.
    Equipment set is easy to operate and does not require on going surveillance.
    mounted on a mobile platform with remote control that allows for platform to be moved on any surfaces like ground, sand or grass.


  • Power 4 Kw
  • Electricity supply AC 120 220 V (single phase, 50 60 Hz)
  • Folded dimensions 4 5 x 1 2 x 1 7 m 14 85 x 4 5 x 6 5 ft)Weight 1450 kg/ 3 200 lbs


  • Power 8 kW
  • Electricity supply DC 96 V or 3 phases, 350 528 VAC
  • Dimensions 1.5 x 0.6 x 1.3 m (5x2x4.3 ft)
  • Weight 600 kg / 1322 lbs


We have developed a unique 3D printer with overall dimensions less than a SUV that can construct the wall structures with concrete like material (directly on a construction site
The 3D printer has a precise mechanism for feeding the Ink mixture layer by layer, directly forming a building at the construction site without extra assembly, thus minimizing labor hours and reducing errors in the construction process.

APIS COR 3D Printer has no analogs and is the most advanced solution to date.

Download full technical specification:
ApisCor 3D Printer [PDF]


Apis Cor 3D Printing System

Modern technologies open the doors to an incredible future for us. In there, building a house takes no more than a day, and a person performs only a controlling function. 3D printing systems no longer seem to be something fantastic and in many countries are successfully used for the rapid construction of buildings. On the RobotPlace, the latest technology innovations from leading robot factories are presented and one of such novelties is the Apis Cor 3D printer.

The Apis Cor 3D advantages that justify its price

Now there are several TOP models of 3d printers on the market, each of which has its own strengths and areas of application. Apis Cor 3D printer occupies a leading position on our b2b marketplace and there are reasons for this:

  • Installing and configuring the printer takes less than 30 minutes. It is also not necessary to prepare the building site for this in advance. After printing, there is no debris left there.
  • The thickness and configuration of the walls can be any. In addition to the fact that the air gap in multi-chamber walls is already an excellent heat insulator in itself, the walls can be additionally insulated with any materials that you choose.
  • The cost of houses printed with this printer is less than analogs made of concrete using traditional technology.

To build a house, no more than 2 people are required, who will control the process and supply the material (fiber-reinforced concrete or geopolymer). The working area of ​​the printer is 132 sq.m., while the printer itself takes up minimum space. It is easy to transport and quickly set up for work. Another plus in favor of the robot is that it can operate at temperatures down to -35°C. A construction team at this temperature will feel very uncomfortable, but the printer can work without problem.

The speed of this model is also impressive – 10 meters per minute. This means that a full-fledged house with an area of ​​100 square meters can be created by the 3D printer in a day. In this case, the accuracy along the axis reaches 0.1-0.2 mm. The built-in automatic horizontal alignment and stabilization systems are great to help in work. In the end, we get flawless even walls that lend themselves easily to interior and exterior decoration.

Apis Cor 3D printer and related services for sale

On our b2b marketplace, you can settle all issues related to the purchase, setup, and transportation of the printer. Here you can not only buy the 3D printer online but also receive a whole range of related services:

  • modern software;
  • a team of engineers;
  • experienced installers.

There is a new technique on the b2b marketplace and one that has already been used. In any case, we guarantee the flawless technical condition of electronic robotics and are responsible for this. Here we propose the best prices on the industrial robots and the whole service package. Just contact us if you have any questions.

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