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Shokoladnitsa started testing waiter robots in two Moscow coffee houses

The average cost of one robot is about $ 12,000, but the network received them for free.

  • Shokoladnitsa began testing waiter robots in the chain’s coffee shops in Moscow, Forbes writes with reference to the company’s chief operating officer, Yuri Vladykin.
  • The robots were launched in two establishments of the chain – in the Metropolis shopping center and in Klimentovsky lane. If the test results are positive, the project will be scaled to the entire network, Vladykin said.
  • The partner of Shokoladnitsa was LLC Infraprime Technology, which provided robots free of charge. The average cost of one robot is about $ 12,000, Vladykin added.
  • The restaurants will test two models: BellaBot, which mimics the features of a domestic cat, and PuduBot, which displays emotions, a smile and eyes on the screen, a partner said.
  • The robot manufacturer is the Chinese company Pudu Robotics. Models speak three languages ​​- Russian, English and Chinese.
  • Robots will become waiters’ assistants: they will deliver orders and pick up dishes, Vladykin said. According to Shokoladnitsa, on average, a waiter in a coffee shop earns 35 thousand rubles a month – money spent on one robot can be paid to an employee for more than two years, Forbes notes.
  • According to Mikhail Burmistrov, general director of Infoline-Analytics, robots are still more of a marketing tool than optimization and efficiency improvement. He added that this situation is changing against the backdrop of the pandemic – customers are afraid of possible infection, so there is a growing interest in restaurants without staff.
  • In June 2020, KFC opened a new-format restaurant in Moscow. All orders from the restaurant’s kitchen enter the pick-up area through the conveyor, and from there they are taken by a robotic arm and placed in special cells.
Robot waiter in Moscow coffee house Shokoladnitsa

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