The Volanti is Carbonix’ most advanced all electric fixed-wing UAV. This 3.6m VTOL Power Lift drone is capable of executing rapid aerial surveys across vast and difficult terrain whilst maintaining high accuracy and even higher confidence. The Volanti3 comes equipped with a choice of payload sensors such as photogrammetry, ISR and multi-spectral or can be customized to suit your requirements or integrated with your existing payloads.

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The Volanti has been carefully optimized and re-engineered from its early days of the Cometa for maximum output, customer usability and return on commercial investment. The combination of carefully engineered hardware and Carbonix autopilot software ensures higher confidence in this solution as a viable option for your business’s aerial needs.

Payload limit: 1000 g
Flight time: 120 min
Wingspan: 3600 mm
Area coverage: 1000 ha

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Carbonix Mission To provide reliable, high quality, fully integrated RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems) solutions to businesses and governments. We use next-generation materials and technologies to fly further and carry more weight in the safest and most user-friendly way. We support our customers with training, maintenance, and customisation. Carbonix Vision Creating beautiful flying machines to see the world from above in detail, persistently and reliably.