IQBOAT – “smart” floating walking platforms with an autopilot function

IQBOAT is a small displacement unmanned recreational craft. The concept of the project presupposes the organization of autonomous movement of recreational floating facilities in closed reservoirs.

The project can be adapted on a turnkey basis and be the basis for new directions in the entertainment and restaurant business. IQBOAT includes an electrically powered floating platform control system with a charging dock and a central dispatch system. The project is promising for cities with developed tourism and popular entertainment venues “on the water”.


Key features of the IQBOAT

  • The newest idea for the sphere entertainment business.


  • Ideal for cities with a large quantity of water resources and tourists.


  • IQBOAT can be equipped with: barbecue/hookah/tea room and much more.


  • IQBOAT is capable of working in several modes:
  1. Autonomous movement along with one of the predefined routes. It is carried out in automatic mode under the control of the dispatcher.
  2. Automatic route planning and movement to the parking place upon request from passengers.
  3. Manual control from the IQBOAT parking control center and output to route traffic.


  • Several IQBOATS can be used independently according to a variety of predefined algorithms, avoiding collisions with each other and other floating facilities.


  • IQBOAT has no analogs. Absolutely.


IQBOAT specifications

Drive type – electric motor.

Drive – rear.

Motor power – 950W.

Diameter – 2.8 m.

Weight – 450 kg.

Load capacity – 800 kg.

Load capacity – 1T.

Maximum speed up to 5 km / h.

Battery life – at least 10 hours.

Cruising on the 1st charge – 100 km.

Battery capacity – 100Ah.

Battery – Li-ion.

Passenger capacity – 8 people.

Construction – plastic, unsinkable.

Battery life – 6 hours.


Each IQBOAT includes:

Plastic frame with a diameter of 2.8 m, made by rotary molding.

Octagonal tent-type umbrella.

Built-in removable table (1.2 m diameter).

Seats with soft removable upholstery.

A set of curtains.

A set of soft windows.

Lighting equipment.

Digital integrated walkie-talkie.


The cost of a complex of 6 IQBOAT + pier includes:

Pond rental consultations.

Development of a design project.

Manufacturing, delivery, installation supervision.

Providing drawings / recommendations for the construction of the pier.

Setting optimal routes.

Transfer of accompanying documentation.

Conducting training for your employee.

Maintenance by Avrora Robotics specialists during the first week of commercial use.

One-year technical and consulting support.


Maximum term of work performance: 5 months.

Warranty for the supplied equipment: 12 months.


Package contents: 6 IQBOAT boats + pier.



Price for 6 IQBOAT boats + pier excluding delivery – $ 87 675.


Avrora Robotics